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    Why Choose Tax Resolution Ninja?

    Going through any tax issue or tax debt problem can be stressful because it affects every aspect of your life. We are here to guide you through the process and make sure the system doesn't take advantage of you. Let's turn the tables around so we can free you from tax debt, and the IRS. Our meticulous planning techniques and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the IRS gives us the upper hand. With years of experience we can solve any tax issue you may have. We are on your side. Let go of all the stress and get back to living your life.

    Take the first step and discover the 7 Secrets.

    If you find yourself owing back taxes or feeling pressure from the IRS the worst thing you can do is not take action fast. It is a daunting task facing the IRS but the longer you wait, the higher the penalties. You can easily avoid severe IRS penalties, levies, and wage garnishments by knowing their secrets. Sign up and get a free copy of the 7 Secrets The IRS Doesn’t Want You To Know. Call Tax Resolution Ninja now and we can help you get the relief you’ve been waiting for.

    3 Steps to Killing That Debt

    Step 1

    Get to know your options and call a professional. Don’t let penalties add up, call Tax Resolution Ninja immediately.

    Step 2

    Now it’s time to plan and devise a comprehensive strategy. We deep dive into your case and map realistic resolutions. 

    Step 3

    After communicating with the IRS we can now implement the best resolution for your case, and give you back your freedom.

    “knowledgeable and reliable”rating-5-stars

    “I came to Allan Rolnick after numerous attempts to engage “tax preparers” from Craigslist and friends’ referrals. The results were terrible. I found Allan directly on the IRS directory of credentialed preparers. He is knowledgeable and reliable, providing sound advice and guidance. There were no pie in the sky promises, instead he is frank and honest and very easy to work with. I usually like to do these kinds of things myself, but there is a point where it is better left in the hands of a seasoned professional. I reached that point. If I had a friend or family member asking for a referral, I would not hesitate to suggest contacting Allan.”

    Russ D.

    “accuracy and professionalism”rating-5-stars

    “Allan J. Rolnick, is one of the good guys. He doesn’t just want success just for himself but, the people he works with as well. I met Allan through an advertisement years ago and he has travel from New York to Washington DC to meet with me and my staff many times. He is not a wimp when it comes to dealing with the government. In each of my campaigns for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, City Council and Mayor of Washington DC, Allan has file my financial statements with the office of Campaign Finance understanding the need for accuracy and professionalism. He knows his stuff and I am glad to have him as my accountant and my friend.”

    Ernest E. Johnson