How to Generate High-Value Real Estate Tax Benefits Through Cost Segregation with Yonah Weiss, Business Director, Madison SPECS

Yonah WeissYonah Weiss is a cost segregation expert, real estate investor, and people connector. He is a Business Director for Madison SPECS, where he helps clients save tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation.He helps property owners save millions of tax dollars.

Yonah owns and runs Real Estate Connections, a virtual meeting held over Zoom every other Wednesday at 7 pm Eastern Time, where participants can learn about multifamily real estate investment

Yonah is also the host of the Weiss Advice Podcast where he speaks with successful people and asks them for advice and tips about business and life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Yonah Weiss got into real estate and why he focused on cost segregation
  • What is cost segregation and how can it help property owners save in taxes?
  • What is the cost segregation process and its accompanying IRS guidelines?
  • Cost segregation eligibility for people who rent or own a space in an office building
  • The minimum property value requirement for cost segregation to work for you

In this episode…

Anyone who owns a property, may it be a building or simply for investment, is eligible for depreciation or the tax deduction for investing in real estate. The IRS believes you’re losing money every year on your property because its value is going down.

However, not every component of your property loses its value at the same time.So how can you get the full depreciation value for every component of your property to get more than just your regular depreciation deduction?

The short answer is cost segregation. But what is cost segregation and which types of properties are eligible for cost segregation?

On this episode of the Tax Resolution Ninja Show Allan Rolnick chats with cost segregation expert and Madison SPECS business director, Yonah Weiss, about cost segregation and how it can save property owners money in taxes. Their conversation revolves around the types of property eligible for cost segregation, the requirements for different types of property, and the process and IRS guidelines for cost segregation. Stay tuned.

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