How to Get R&D Tax Credit for Your Small Business with Robert Curtiss of Business Group Resources

Robert CurtissRobert Curtiss helps U.S. companies be more competitive by assisting them in getting the R&D tax credit they’re entitled to. He is an Account Executive at Business Group Resources. Their company helps businesses identify and claim the incentives, rebates, and credits that Congress initially mandated in 1981.

Robert is also a Centricity Certified Coach which allows him to help business owners develop strategic relationships and vibrant business networks for client referrals, new opportunities, and professional growth.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Robert Curtiss shares how he got into business brokerage
  • How can a small business and leverage R&D tax credit?
  • Who does the R&D tax credit apply to and where did it begin?
  • Why many small business owners do not take advantage of the R&D tax credit due to them
  • How dentists and similar service providers can become eligible for the R&D tax credit

In this episode…

Many eligible small businesses are unaware that they are eligible for and are entitled to the R&D tax credit–95% of companies with 50 employees or fewer who could benefit from the R&D tax credit either didn’t know about it or weren’t taking advantage of it. And according to today’s guest, Robert Curtiss, it all boils down to knowing what you are entitled to.

Robert asserts that there are two things to look at: the type of business and its size. But what types of businesses are eligible for the R&D tax credit and how big should their business be for them to qualify? And more importantly, how do they go about the filing process?

On this episode of the Tax Resolution Ninja Show, host Allan Rolnick interviews Robert Curtiss of Business Group Resources about which businesses are eligible to file for an R&D tax credit. They’ll be talking about the business types and sizes qualify for the R&D tax credit, why many are unaware of their eligibility, and how this can be used to leverage a much-needed inflow for your business.

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